About Shineops

Welcome to The Digital Marketing Agency

We only focus on Return on Investment, Revenue Generation of Customers. We have served more than 65 niches including E-commerce. 

Our Vision

To guide Indian Entrepreneurs to grow their business digitally. 

Our Mission

Every Indian entrepreneur conquer the international market and expand digitally with maximum return on investment and scale up their industries.

Our Values

  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Responsibility
  • Innovative
  • Excellence 
  • Integrity
  • Inclusiveness

About Shineops

Shineops is  India’s Leading Branding and Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. Our result-driven approach always helps us to grow our customer’s revenue and this is what we call Success. Our dedicated experts have, over the years, delivered solutions par excellence. 

Our job is always to provide our consumers with the best quality goods and services. We are honored with the best support and service in the industry with this customer-oriented attitude. We have mutually beneficial and fruitful relations with our customers.

We love the work that we do here and we know that our thoughts & strategy shift, one – we love the new environment and two –. Our key aim is to help our consumers accomplish a solid approach, outstanding templates and fantastic content in the digital environment.

Over the years, we have accomplished a great deal (from multiple consumers to outstanding awards) and are proud to celebrate our new achievement in being a Google Affiliate! We’re proud LeanIn.org partners, too, and look forward to improving women’s journeys and developing a healthier, more inclusive future for everyone.

Some of these include customized design & creation of websites, graphic design, custom design, and Creation of software, CRM Solutions, transfer of ERP Solutions and systems, digital marketing, integration of third parties, etc. 

We specialize in E-Business Solutions wherein we undertake designing, development, maintenance and promotion of Web Sites coupled with any other Web Applications.

We Value 

Client Experience

Customer experience is of utmost importance at Shineops; it tells everything from the first exposure of our brand to years where we continue to promote and market the business.

Quality of Work

Each project we conduct is another occasion to show our commitment to the best solution. We work hard to create the most competent and creative websites. Both our websites are manufactured by the hard-working Shineops team from start to finish.

Client Success

We are glad to visit all our consumers and believe in the happiness of them. We are not just building websites, we are building partnerships that bring results.


By consuming ample knowledge and share it with staff, employers, suppliers, rivals and the public, we work to make ourselves and those around us stronger. Learning never ceases and we aspire to be at the leading edge of technology, to be creative and to develop all projects.

Our Founder


Ashish Khristi

Founder, Marketing Director

In 2018, Ashish Khristi founded the Shineops single-handedly. He is a mechanical engineer, but he decided to make his career in digital marketing because of his passion and interest.

Ashish Khristi has over 8 years of comprehensive experience. Where he was, where he has collaborated with many businesses and shared his knowledge of digital marketing, and he began his own journey as Shineops after gaining recognition through the growing company of thousands of clients.

He began his business with the vision of helping Indian companies expand digitally and conquer the international market.

He now manages the company. His key role is to develop a plan for start-up companies and prospective clients.

Our Customers in Various Industries

  • Air Cooling Industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Event Management Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Hotel Industry
  • Jewelry Industry
  • Lamination Industry
  • Metal & Mining Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Mobile & Technology Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Water Industry

Our 6-D Process



  • Business Goals 
  • Objective


  • User Base and Segmentation 
  • User Scenarios 
  • Task Flow
  • Story Boarding


  • Visualization 
  • Brain Storming 
  • Card Sorting


  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping 
  • Information Architecture


  • UI Application Coding
  • Style Guides
  • UI Specifications


  • Accessibility Training 
  • Expert Evaluation
  •  Specs Assets
  • User Testing


“Please Don’t Hire Us, If You are Looking for Ordinary.”