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Manage Leads with CRM on Your Phone & PC

CRM is available for Mobile and PC.

You will get all the leads in the CRM that will be installed in your mobile, so that you can access all the leads without delay which will result in to higher conversion ratio.

CRM will be provided for 3 users.

All the leads will be automatically feed in CRM with Automation.

Facebook Ads Landing Page

Get Email Notification for Leads

You will be notified with the lead details immediately (within a second) so that, you can communicate with your customers as early as possible.

You will also get the WhatsApp Link, by clicking on the link you will log in to that

WhatsApp chat directly without saving the number so this way it will boost your communication.

Facebook Ads Landing Page

Send Your Company Details to Leads

Within a Second, Your customer will be notified with a greeting email that includes your company profile or your brochure.​

This email he/she will get within a second, so if you are busy they can study about your company and they can call you also.

Facebook Ads Landing Page

Get Lead Data in Excel Sheet Automatically

All the leads will be stored here automatically within a second.

You have to write your follow-up details and action date (next call date) so when the date will come, TODAY’S follow-up will be highlighted as Red Color and If you have missed any follow-ups it will be highlighted as Yellow color.

This way, you will not miss any calls, you can timely follow up with your upcoming customers and Ultimately You can Generate More Revenue.

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Unlimited Access Plans

Enjoy unlimited usage and access of Shineops, across all your devices, including all features and future upgrades.

Monthly Plan

(Social Media Marketing & Facebook Campaign Handling with Automation)

Rs. 4999 / Month + GST

Graphic Designing of Ads (10 Nos.)

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