Google Ads

Google AdWords's top advantage is that it operates better than SEO.

Both SEO and Google AdWords are marketing techniques for search engines to produce more traffic and leads. But, for a company to get the much coveted first spot in quest, a well optimized AdWords strategy will work much faster.

Google Ads

Why Google Ads? 

Google Ads Works Faster than SEO

Google AdWords works quicker than SEO, which is the greatest advantage. Both SEO as well as Google AdWords have more traffic and leading search engine marketing tactics. However, a well-optimized AdWords strategy will work better if an organization is aiming for the really famous first position.

Google Ads Increase the Brand Awareness 

Google Ads also provides an easy way to inform users about your products, in addition to traffic boosts, clicks and conversions. Google worked with Ipsos to perform a report on 12 verticals from vehicles to shopping. Search advertisements were found to increase awareness at the highest standard by 6.6% on average.
Your rank is also influenced by the number and combinations of your SEO brand name searches. This is another explanation for the brand recognition to be increased by scanning and showing advertisements

With the Help of Google Ads, You Can Reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox 

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods in all industries and hence gmail advertising can be useful too. Google included native Google advertising in September of 2015 with Google AdWords, which were made available by Google AdWords to all advertisers.

Gmail advertisements are usually shown on the advertising tab and can be seen on the social tab occasionally. Both online and tablet ads are running. Since Gmail ads normally cost much less than search ads, you can try Gmail ads if you have a limited budget.

Google Ads Reconnect with visitors of your website

One of Google Ads’ coolest advantages is to reconnect with visitors to the website. Let me explain. Let me elaborate.

You may provide your website with window shops. There were people who visited all the sites on your website but did not act. How can you remember them and what should you do with them? Join View Promotions for Remarketing and RLSA.

a) Remarketing on display network:

This helps marketers attract visitors using banner images on numerous advertising-supported websites. Suppose you are running a tourist company and you’re searching for packages in Thailand. But he chooses to leave without buying for any reason. To aim it you can easily build an advertisement list like the one below.

b) Remarketing on search network:

RLSA is the term for Search Advertising Remarketing Lists. As the name suggests, it runs remarketing campaigns, equivalent to show observation, on the search network. In addition, in this campaign, the advertiser must add keywords. Google advertising will then align the search demand of the customer with the keyword and remarketing list. This allows Google to view advertisements per search query.



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